Special Numbers product

If you would like to have a special number which is easy to memorize, Libyana offers you this opportunity to have a distinguished number to be yours.
You can choose your special number (prepaid) under one of these categories: Gold\Silver\Bronze. And every category has its own price.

Features of the special numbers product

It has the same features and services as regular Libyana SIM Card.

How to get it

  1. How to query about the special number:
    • Send an SMS to the service number (57777) contains with the number you want to query about as shown below:
    • You will receive a message contains with the number you want if it's available or not and also the price of this number.
  2. How to reserve the special number:
    • If the number is available or still hasn't reserved yet, send an SMS to the service number (57777) contains with the number between two # symbol as shown below:
    • You will receive a message says that the reservation is accomplished and it will be no longer available for 72 hours. In addition to the password which is you need to bring into the business center.
    • Note that you can't reserve the same number more than 3 times.
  3. How to cancel the reservation for the special number:
    • If you want to cancel the reservation before the deadline of the reservation which is 72 hours , you need to send the password to the service number (57777) as shown below:
    • If the 72 hours is passed and you didn't buy the number, the number will be available again for reservation.
    • Note that you can't cancel the reservation to the same number more than 3 times.
    The service SMS costs
    Query \the reservation\ cancel the reservation 0.5 LYD
  4. How to buy the special number:
    • After you reserve the number, you need to go to the business center by yourself with providing the following:
      • All the required documents to buy Libyana SIM card.
      • The telephone number that you used to reserved the special number.
      • The reservation code.
      • The amount of money according to the table below.
      • you must have less than 5 SIM cards registered in your name.

The special numbers prices

Category Price LYD SIM Lifecycle Balance LYD
Gold 6,000 LYD 5 years after Frozen period 1 LYD
Silver 2,500 LYD 5 years after Frozen period 1 LYD
Bronze 500 LYD The same lifecycle of the normal SIM card 1 LYD

The special numbers range

From To
092200xxxx 092299xxxx
092800xxxx 092899xxxx
094400xxxx 094499xxxx
094500xxxx 094599xxxx
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