Voucher Cards

Libyana offers you three categories of Voucher prepaid cards to suit your pocket and all your needs, here is the Validity of different categories of voucher cards:
  • 5 LYD gives 50 days validity from date of recharging.
  • 10 LYD gives 100 days validity from date of recharging.
  • 30 LYD gives 180 days validity from date of recharging.

How to top up ?

When you want to top up, just follow one of these steps:
  1. Type 120 on your phone display followed with the Secret number of Voucher Card and then press Call.
  2. Dial 121 and select option 2 then 1, and then Key in the 13-digit voucher number.

  • The validity of the SIM account is increasing to reach 180 days if the subscriber continues recharging voucher cards.
  • The active period will not be terminated when the balance become zero, the active period ends only at the last day in the period.
Here's some information you may need about Libyana SIM account Lifecycle:
  1. Unused Period:
    It starts from the sell time and ends at first call. if the subscriber does not use his account, then this period will be terminated after 180 days, then its ownership will be transferred to Libyana.
  2. Active Period:
    This period provides all features and services of libyana SIM account, and it is extending to 180 days as maximum, and the active period renews whenever the subscriber recharge by the voucher cards. If the subscriber does not recharge, the SIM account will transfer to the recharging period.

  3. And you should try to keep your phone number in this Period.
  4. Recharging Period:
    This is the last period of SIM account lifecycle which starts at the end of active period. During recharging period, the subscriber can receive calls and messages, but he can not make any call except service numbers (such as 121, 150... Etc). The SIM account will remain in this period for 180 days unless the subscriber recharges his/her balance.
    Two days before recharging period ends, you will receive a message telling you that the recharging period will be terminated and you will need to recharge your balance to ensure your telephone line remains out of Frozen period.
  5. Frozen Period:
    Which comes after the recharging period and its duration is 30 days, and you can inquiry about the status of you telephone line by dialing *121#. Once this period is terminated without recharging, the ownership of SIM cad will be transferred to Libyana.

SIM account Lifecycle of each (distinctive numbers and Raqmi product) will go through all the previous periods, but once the Frozen period terminated the subscriber can reactivate his SIM card by visiting one of Libyana's business center and pay 5 LYD.

Factions Price

Factions of recharge cards number of cards in one faction Faction price Card cost
5 LYD faction 6000 28,800.000 LYD 4.8 LYD
5 LYD faction 600 2,910 LYD 4.85 LYD
10 LYD faction 1800 17,226 LYD 9.57 LYD
10 LYD faction 600 5,760 LYD 9.60 LYD
30 LYD faction 200 5,700 LYD 28.50 LYD

1- I cannot recharge, I hear the voice phrase "you can't recharge now, call the operator to release black list"?

You are failing to recharge the credit for three times, therefore you have entered BLACK LIST. To exit this list, you have to attending to Sale Centers and pay 20 L.D, then you can recharge.

2- What happens after validity period?

after expired validity period, the SIM card shifting to recharge period, in this period you can only receive calls, call free service numbers and recharge balance.

3- What happens when recharge period expires?

When recharge period expires, the SIM card service will be terminated. The service will be entirely stopped and you can?t redeemed it again.

4- I have a scratching voucher card and I couldn't use it, is there any solution for these scratching voucher cards?

Of course , by visiting one of our Business Centers near you and give it to one of our employees who will compensate you with another voucher card in the same faction. Or If the Pin number contains 5 clear digits you can inter the scratched card's here

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