Video Call

Video Call is fantastic when you want to see someone's reaction to something - like your exam results, Or stuck at work and missing your kids , or even when you want to tell someone something and show them too, like you’re at the big game and want your mates to know about it.

How to use it?

To make or receive video calls You and the person you're calling need to have video call phones “ 3G phone”.

Making Calls All you have to do is:

  1. Check that the 3G symbol is showing on your phone (this means you’ve got 3G coverage).
  2. Check what you look like in the camera viewer before you start. Decide whether you’re going to use the loudspeaker or your headset.
  3. Choose the number and Press the "video call" button or choose "options" or "more" and then select "video call".
  4. Then just hold the phone in front of you and off you go.
  5. Press the "End" button to finish.

Don't forget: to make a video call, you'll both need to be somewhere there's 3G coverage, too. Check our coverage map here.

Taking Calls

It’s just easy!

  1. When your phone rings, the display will tell you if you’ve got an incoming video call – just press the accept key to answer
  2. Choose to take it as a video call, or go for voice only it's up to you!
Cost of service:
Type of Call Minute Price
Libyana-Libyana 0.30 LYD

1- Can I make a video call if I’m not in 3G coverage?

No, to make a video call, you and the person you're calling need to be somewhere there's 3G coverage.

2- What are the features I can get of being in 3G coverage?

  • Making a video call (also the person you're calling need to be in 3G coverage).
  • Get high speed internet up to 384Kbps.
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