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Live the world events and access the Internet and Be the First to know all the developments of political, economic and sport events through your mobile phone or PC.

To enjoy and benefit from Libyana Internet service, just follow these steps:
  1. Owning mobile handset that support Internet Service.
  2. Subscribe to Internet Service by sending short message (SMS) to 1414 with number 1, and you can also cancel this subscription by sending short message (SMS) with number 0 to 1414
  3. Setup Libyana Internet service settings correctly in your mobile handset as following:
  4. To get the setting configuration write the “Model of your mobile phone” then send it in a short message to 1515, and you will be notified by a notification message, and then save the setting configuration when you receive it.
For Example: Nokia N73 

The short message will contain as shown:

When you save the setting configuration, you will need to enter Pass Code "0000".

Or you may do the following:

Type the code *#06# directly on your phone display to get the IMEI number, send the first 8 digits of IMEI number in a short message to 1515.
For example: if your IMEI number is 357651024602406, then the message should contain 35765102 as shown
Note that when you adjust the Libyana Internet settings of your mobile phone, you’ll be able to send and receive Multimedia Messages (MMS) too.

Settings in general:
Home Page http://wap.libyana.ly
Data Bearer GPRS
Access Point wap
Proxy Server
Proxy Port 8000
Login Type Automatic
Authentication Type Normal


Cost of service:

Service type Price
Cost Value
Libyana Internet service 0.15 LYD 1 Megabyte (1MB)

Mobile Internet Package (50 & 100 & 300 & 500 MB & 1GB)

  Libyana gives you a free choice to choose one of the packages from Mobile Internet Package (50 & 100 & 300 & 500 MB & 1 GB) according to the prices that are suitable for you.


Cost of Mobile Internet Package.


Consumed internet costing


Package type

0.04 LYD


50 MB

0.03 LYD


100 MB

0.0235 LYD


300 MB

0.020 LYD

10 LYD

500 MB

0.01465 LYD

15 LYD

1 GB


Once you consumed all MBs that contained in the Internet package, the rat of consumed internet will be deducted with (0.150 LYD/1MB).


 USSD Codes

Cancel the subscription

USSD code for monthly subscription

query about the remain balance

Quota Type




50 MB




100 MB




300 MB




500 MB




1 GB



Promotion properties

  The validity of the package is one month from the date of subscription.

·         Your subscription will be renewed automatically unless you didn’t cancel it.

Although you are subscribed in internet service but I cannot use it?

Either your mobile phone does not support GPRS, or the setting of this service is incorrect.


How can I cancel the subscription in the mobile internet package (50 & 100 & 300 & 500 MB) ?

Call the code related to cancel the subscription that shows in the table above. Note that if you subscribe in any internet package of the current month then you canceled the subscription, the cancelation will be for the following month.


 Can I renew the subscription in the same package or change to another package before the end of the current month?

Yes, you can. In case you (subscribe in any package or change the subscription to the another package) before the end of the current month, this subscription will be for the following month.

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