Internet settings

If the internet is not active send an SMS to 1414 with number 1 , and you can also deactivate by sending an SMS with number 0 to 1414.

General Settings:

1- How set your smart phones Manually
To improve the intent speed in your smart phone, you need to change the access point from wap to wep as shown below:

IOS Android
2- How set your normal phones Manually

This settings only for the devices that support the access point wap

The setting
Access Point name Libyanawap
Access point wap

To get the setting configuration write the “Model of your mobile phone” then send it in a short message to 1515, and you will be notified by a notification message, and then save the setting configuration when you receive it.

when you save the setting configuration, you will need to enter Pass Code "0000".

Or you may do the following:

Type the code *#06# directly on your phone display to get the IMEI number, send the first 8 digits of IMEI number in a short message to 1515. For example: if your IMEI number is 357651024602406, then the message should contain 35765102

Note that when you adjust the Libyana Internet settings of your mobile phone, you’ll be able to send and receive Multimedia Messages (MMS) too.

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