E-Voucher Service

Libyana offers the e-voucher service which facilitates the services of recharging, selling credits through some websites and bank apps also through particular devices in many shops and stores all over the country provided by our partners (Tadawel, Tfani, Masart, Aman Bank & Ban; of Commerce and Development).

How to get the balance

  1. You can get a paper slip voucher from any shop or store that has the particular device of e-voucher contains with the PIN code that you need or by SMS.
  2. you can top up this PIN code in a regular way.
  3. you will receive a confirmation SMS.

The validity of e-voucher:

  • 3 LYD gives 20 days validity.
  • 5 LYD gives 50 days validity.
  • 10 LYD gives 100 days validity.
  • 30 LYD gives 180 days validity.
  • 100 LYD gives 180 days validity.
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