Roaming with Libyana

This service enables you to use your Libyana SIM card when you are outside Libya.

And, if you are a visitor of Libya, Roaming with Libyana service enables you to use your SIM card in Libyana network.

Therefore, you can easily communicate with your family and friends, and you can contact any phone number around the world.

To use Roaming with Libyana

After turning your mobile phone on select Settings and select the communication network (operator), then click OK to enjoy the services of roaming.

Recharging your balance

you can recharge your balance through Libyana recharging cards:-

*120*(secret number of recharging card) #Then press

Checking your Balance

*121# then press

Transfer or receive balance with Tsharkna

You can receive balance from any Libyana account in any country which we have cooperated with, also you can transfer balance to any of your family members or friends at any time, with Tsharkna service just print the next formula on your phone screen:

*122*21892 phone number*amount in Dirham#

To contact the customer services from outside Libya please call 0021892150
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