Removal from "BLACK LIST"

The subscriber’s mobile account line will placed in the black list after failure to recharge the account credit for three times by inputting the wrong voucher number code. The subscriber will hear the message "Sorry,, you can not recharge now, please contact the operator, informing that his/her mobile account has entered the BLACK LIST status for 24 hours, unless the subscriber makes the requests for removal from SIM "Black lists" through any of our Libyana Business centers with providing the following:
  • The phone number.
  • Service charge.
  • Proof of identity.
  • The national number

Cost of service:
Service type Price
Removal from "BLACK LIST" 20.00 LYD

I cannot recharge, I hear the voice phrase "you can’t recharge now, call the operator to release black list"?

You are failing to recharge the credit for three times, therefore you have entered BLACK LIST. To exit this list, you have to attending to Business centers and pay 20 L.D, then you can recharge.
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